Central Alberta's Premier Builder

Crafting homes & renovations since 2006

Building with Vleeming is worry-free. Our All inclusive and refined design and construction process is exclusive to Vleeming and provides a dynamic experience that makes the entire process easy, comfortable and enjoyable. Regardless of your project value, every client will receive the same personal and unsurpassed service from Vleeming. Below are just a few key items that set us apart.


Your home should reflect you, cater to your needs and fit your lifestyle. We will design your home and we will guarantee to design you a home that fits your budget. 


A critical process where we precisely plan  and execute every construction and design  detail about your project. In this process we will work on the design, budgetary proposal, define construction details, finalize client selections, produce construction documents and schedule each phase of the project. Our unique and detailed approach on this process is the most important element to a projects success.


Vleeming is known for quality and that is a passion we hold close to our hearts. There are always better materials and better methods out there and there are hundreds of ways to build a home. We are continually researching innovative materials and improving methods to provide our clients with a home that will last a lifetime. 


No matter what you need, the Vleeming team has your back. We make ourselves reachable to our clients in multiple ways so we can cater to everyone and their individual needs. Whether you like texting, email, meeting in person or chatting online, we will be there for you as much as you need us. 


Because we take the necessary time in our pre-construction planning, we are able to achieve faster and more efficient construction times. On average, a Vleeming home from start to finish will be completed within 4-8 months depending on overall scope of the project, time of the year and client responsiveness. 


Have piece of mind that not only does Vleeming have your back, but so does the Alberta New Home Warranty Program. Every Vleeming home comes with a comprehensive warranty that covers our client for up to 10 years.



We understand that saving up enough money for a renovation can be tough! If your home needs improvement, talk to us about our competitive financing options and get approved within 24 hours!


The price should never be your only decision factor when choosing a builder. When you are about to make a large investment, you want to know that you are getting a long-term product. Service, quality, materials and methods are not something you can easily compare on paper.


Every home is different and all soils are different. As part of our commitment to lifetime homes and protection of your investment, each Vleeming home receives Geo-technical and Structural engineering. This ensures that your home is not only built structurally sound, but the soil it rests on will also bear its capacity.


From the very start through to the end, you not only get an entire team of experts to guide you, but you also get a dedicated project manager. Your project manager is responsible for overseeing the entire project and ensuring everything stays on track, on budget and gets done correctly. 


You deserve to know everything about your project. Our homeowner portal gives you access to your budgets, selections, change orders, schedule and so much more! Provide electronic approvals or chat with us from anywhere in the world. Accessed across any device anytime.


Safety on our projects are important. We care about our employees, trades, suppliers, visitors  and clients and we want to ensure everybody gets home safe to be with their families every day. 


Get the personal service you deserve with your investment. Vleeming is operated by a brother and sister duo that work directly with you from the start through to the finish. We will always be the same familiar faces that you develop a lasting relationship with.